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Oil, air, and hydraulic coolers

Our first preferred option is always to repair your current oil, air, water, or hydraulic cooler. In our shop, we'll even repair the units other shops have called "unrepairable."


If a replacement cooler is necessary, you'll find new models across a variety of quality and price ranges.

For your FREE quote on aluminum cooler repairs or replacements, call us today.

Unique access to aluminum coolers

When you need a new aluminum cooler or repairs for one you already have, choose Schiferl Radiator & Welding. We're the only shop in the area that offers aluminum coolers, and you'll get the quality that comes from over 55 years of radiator repair experience when you choose us.

We specialize in fixing things other shops think are "unrepairable." Let us show you what we can accomplish.

Thorough cooler repairs

You'll love our competitive pricing, and our repairs can help you SAVE.

  • Recoring — this helps you SAVE since the cost of recoring is usually less than half the price of a new cooler.

  • Unclog overheating coolers

  • Repair leaks in the corners

  • Repair bruises, including damage from rocks, fans, etc.

  • Rebuild leaking coolers

Careful rebuilds for leaking coolers

Most hydraulic oil coolers, charge air coolers, and other air-to-air / water heat exchangers found in forestry and mining equipment are aluminum bar and plate coolers. We have the ability and the equipment to rebuild your leaking oil coolers with an upgraded extruded tube core.


We have several aluminum core suppliers to choose from in North America with one being located in the Upper Midwest. This American supplier is a small, family-owned factory that specializes in high-quality craftsmanship and delivers top-notch oil cooler cores.

Why rebuild your aluminum oil or air coolers?

We replace OEM bar-and-plate cores with a stacked extruded tube core, increasing strength immensely and also achieving improved cooling capacity and heat transfer efficiency. Typically OEM bar-and-plate charge air cooler tubes are built in four pieces and brazed together. Our cores use an extruded tube, which eliminates the common problem of tubes splitting.

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